[TOP 6 ] The Best 5-Cup Rice Cookers Of 2022 You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Rice is a cereal grain that has gained wide popularity all over the world because of its deliciousness. Another plus point of rice is that it is inexpensive and it is a good dish for households of any budget.

But the rice cooking process is relatively tricky because it involves your close attention. Otherwise, your rice will be easily undercooked or overcooked. 

Besides, you don’t want to devote too much time to cooking rice on the stovetops. So what device can help you cook rice in a short amount of time?

If you frequently prepare rice for 3-4 people, you should not choose either a tiny or a big-sized rice cooker. The best 5-cup rice cookers are what you need.

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Reviews Of The Best 5-Cup Rice Cookers

1. TIGER Rice Cooker 

TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket, White
 in stock
3 new from $80.17
6 used from $56.12
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:44 pm


  • Syncro-cooking function "tacook" makes it possible to cook main dish and rice at the same time
  • One push operation. Dimensions (inches) : W 10.6 x D 13.9 x H 8.4
  • 4 cooking menu settings (Synchrony-cooking/Plain rice/Brown rice/Slow cooking)
  • Easy to clean non-stick coating inner pan.Electric Rating: cook 672W
  • Includes Non-stick spatula, Cooking plate, Measuring cup and Cookbook for using "Synchrony-cooking" function


  • Small footprint
  • One-button operation
  • Rice turns out perfect
  • The synchro cooking function is time-saving
  • The boil/steam function is great for soups or steaming 


  • No option for porridge

2. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter
 in stock
6 new from $159.95
1 used from $111.97
as of September 22, 2022 2:44 pm


  • Micro computerized fuzzy logic technology. Capacity Up to 5.5 cups / 1.0 liter,Dimensions (W x D x H) 10-1/8 x 14 x 8-1/2 inches. The electrical rating is 120 volts / 610 watts
  • Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle
  • Easy to clean clear coated stainless steel exterior, 2 delay time settings
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
  • Built in retractable power cord


  • No need to set the time manually
  • Solid and reliable
  • Useful handbook
  • Retractable power cord
  • Automatically go into warming mode


  • Can’t use the marks inside the pot to cook long-grain rice

3. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi, Made in Japan Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, 5.5-Cup, Premium White
 in stock
16 new from $211.00
5 used from $148.40
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:44 pm


  • 5-1/2-cup computerized rice cooker and warmer with advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology. Wall mountable
  • Multi-menu selections; automatic keep-warm, extended keep-warm, and reheat cycles. Electrical Rating - 120 volts / 680 watts
  • Spherical, nonstick inner pan allows for uniform heating; LCD clock and timer; retractable cord
  • Menu settings include white (regular/sushi, softer or harder), mixed, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free and quick cooking
  • Measures approximately 14 by 8 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty, Dimensions (W x D x H) : 10-1/8 x 13 x 8-1/8 inches


  • Easy to set up
  • Quite lightweight
  • Cleanup is a breeze
  • Well-designed
  • Excellent post-sale service


  • Not designed for long-grain rice

4. Tiger Rice Cooker 

Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer & Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel Black
 in stock
10 new from $149.95
1 used from $165.00
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:44 pm


  • 5.5-Cup Microcomputer controlled rice cooker and warmer with "tacook" synchro-cooking function
  • 4-In-1 functions and 10 computerized cooking menu settings
  • 1.5-Mm Thick inner pan, Dimensions:10.1W x 13.7D x 8.2H Inches
  • Easy to remove and wash inner lid and steam cap. Detachable steam cap for easy cleaning
  • Includes cooking plate and cookbook


  • Make fluffy rice
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Right size for a small family
  • Have countdown indicator
  • Excellent features


  • Short power cord

5. Pars Automatic Persian Rice Cooker 

Pars Automatic Persian Rice Cooker - Tahdig Rice Maker Perfect Rice Crust, 5 Cup
 in stock
2 used from $53.88
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:44 pm


  • MASTER THE ART of perfect rice tahdig with a Pars Rice Cooker. Available in 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, and 15 cup capacities, Pars Rice Cookers are home essentials for anyone who savors that prized golden crust at the bottom of the rice steamer pot.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TIMER on the Pars Persian Rice Maker eliminates guesswork from achieving the crown jewel of Persian cuisine. With auto-off and keep-warm functions, guests will be amazed that you turn out perfect tahdig every time.
  • NON-STICK POT in our rice steamer cooker makes clean-up a breeze. Go right from the pars cooker to the table with the removable pot. Afterward, add the pot to your dishwasher and enjoy more time with family and friends.
  • DURABLE AND RUSTPROOF stainless steel construction makes the Persian Rice Cooker by Pars an enduring small kitchen appliance and a thoughtful wedding gift. Its detachable cord allows easy storage in small kitchens.
  • INCLUDED FREE with every rice cooker pars steamer is a food-safe plastic rice scoop, rice measuring cup, and user manual. Discover stews, meats and vegetables that superbly complement your crispy Persian rice.


  • Make tasty Tahdig 
  • Easy to use
  • Effortless to make crunchy Persian rice
  • Customizable timer
  • Durable and rust-proof


  • No sound or light indicator

6. COMFEE All-in-1 Multi Cooker

COMFEE' 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Stewpot with 24 Hours Delay Timer and Auto Keep Warm Functions
 in stock
3 used from $50.67
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:44 pm


  • Perfect Rice Every Time - To achieve the ideal cooking performance, COMFEE' has developed the intelligent 6-step cooking process that the steam valve and inner pot can preserve the steam and heat for perfect to simmer the fluffy rice every time.
  • Cooking Versatility - The 11 digital cooking programs Japanese style rice cooker could suit eating habits like rice, pasta, soup, stew, saute, steamed veggies. Make specialty and healthy food in one cooker without owning 5 or more different appliances
  • High Safety - COMFEE' electric multi rice cooker operating under the normal pressure with power, it is considered a safe alternative of all kinds pressure cooker or cooking on the stove. The cool touch handle ensures your safety when you open the cooker.
  • 10 Cup Ultra Capacity - 10 cup uncooked (5.2 Qt) capacity yielding anywhere from 10 to 20 cups of cooked rice, designed for families, parities, or any other outdoor activities. The non-stick coating, the cleaning of the inner pot is like a breeze. Note: Please use the measuring cup which comes along with the product
  • Humanized Designs - The rice cooker is user friendly with digital LED display and sensitive touch panel so your cooking could be set by simply pressing a button. It's flexible for meal planning with 24-hour delay timer and auto keep warm for 12 hours.


  • Well-built
  • Sleek and elegant
  • Handy
  • The inner lid is easy to remove and clean
  • Easy-to-read manual


  • Odd buttons

Buying Guides

If you don’t know which one will be the best to make rice, see the below criteria for your better choice. 

Lid type

There are two types of lids: unsealed and sealed ones. 

For the unsealed lid, it is cheaper when compared to the other one. Other advantages are it is fairly easy to clean, and you can see the food through the glass lid. In terms of its drawback, it can rattle the water.

About the sealed lid, there is no situation of rattle. But cleaning it is not as easy as cleaning an unsealed lid.


Many models come with a cup so you can measure rice and water. This cup proves to be useful if you are not familiar with cooking rice. However, if you are professional, it will not be very necessary.

There are other accessories, such as a steamer basket. You can put some food like vegetables or thinly-sliced meat into it to steam them simultaneously with the rice.

Fuzzy logic

This is quite a modern feature, and it is convenient for users. A rice cooker with fuzzy logic can alter the temperature according to the amount of rice and water. Therefore, the final product is delicious, perfect rice. 

Once the cooking process finishes, the substantial water will be removed.

Quick-cook setting 

Sometimes when you are too busy or getting home so late, you will be thankful for this additional setting. 

It allows you to cook rice in a very short amount of time, maybe 15 minutes. However, the quality of cooked rice may not be as good as usual.

Ease of use

Several factors make a rice cooker a user-friendly home appliance.

First of all, the inner pot should have a non-stick coating because as you know, rice is very sticky and it will certainly turn the cleaning process into a nightmare.

Secondly, the handle should be large, so you can bring the rice cooker easily from your countertop to the dining table. If the handle is too small, it is easier for you to slip the cooker.


How does a rice cooker work?

It is very easy to use a rice cooker, and even if you are not good at technology at all, you will find the process simple. You just do very little and the rice cooker will do the rest.

So, here is the way how a rice cooker works and what you need to do: 

First, use the cup to measure the ratio of rice and water, then put them into the pot. Next, choose the suitable mode and let the cooker do its job. After finishing, it will automatically turn to “Keep warm” mode and the rice is ready no matter what time it is.

How long does it take to cook rice?

It depends on the type of rice. If you cook white rice, the whole process takes from 15 to 50 minutes. However, if it is brown rice and you don’t pre-soak it in advance, the time is longer.

What is the perfect ratio of water and rice?

Different types of grains require different ratios. Generally, the most popular grain is white rice and the ratio for cooking it is 2 cups of water for 1 cup of uncooked rice. 

Brown rice will need more water and a longer time to cook. So you should read the instructions on the package or refer to the Internet for the best result.

How long is the rice warm in a rice cooker?

Today, most rice cookers have the “Keep-warm” function and the rice is kept at a perfect temperature so that it can be served smoky hot after you’re done preparing other dishes.

Normally, the rice is still hot until after 3 to 4 hours.

How much should I pay to own a rice cooker?

Estimate how often you will eat rice or other grains. If the frequency is about 2 times per week, it’s worth investing in a good-quality cooker from reputable brands such as Cuckoo or Zojirushi.

However, if you are just curious about rice and how to make it by yourself, you can try models of the low end of the price range. Keep in mind that their quality is equal to the price, so they will be likely to break down after some time of use.

Final Thoughts

If you are encountering some difficulties or finding the process too time-consuming, you need to get a device that lessens the burden. In this case, a rice cooker will be a perfect candidate!

Given you are in favor of the models with average capacity, the best 5-cup rice cookers are exactly for you!

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