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When we like something, we tend to buy more than we need. If this happens to your corned beef, you may be wondering, “Can you freeze corned beef?”

We’ve got the answer for you in this post. Keep reading for more information!

Can You Freeze Corned Beef? 

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Cooked corned beef can stay well in a freezer.

The answer is Yes. Cooked corned beef can last up to two to three months in your freezer, while uncooked corned beef can last well for one to two months.

It is safe to freeze your corned beef for a few months. Yet, freezing your corned beef tends to affect its flavor and texture regardless if it is uncooked or cooked.

The salts utilized during curing may change your meat’s texture, and freezing your meat can lead to more changes to its texture.

How to Tell if Your Corned Beef Has Been Spoiled?

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Signs that tell you if your corned beef has gone bad.

Here are some signs that let you know if your corned beef has gone bad.


Unspoiled and fresh corned beef would feature a mild smell, especially if it comes with spices.

But if your beef starts to smell plain horrible and sour, discard it is best. In some cases, you can smell a rotting odor or the odor may be that of rotten eggs.


The flavor of your corned beef should depend on which spices it goes with. Corned beef typically tastes a bit salty but also features a little sourness. It would not taste too bitter or sour. It can also have a meaty and sweet taste.

Knowing the taste of your corned beef will help you know when it’s going bad. If you are uncertain, you should not continue to eat your corned beef when you are in doubt.


If your meat is unusual, chances are it’s spoiled. A slimy appearance is from bacterial growth on the meat, and it’s a reminder that it’s time to toss your meat in the trash.


Your corned beef should feature pink in color before being cooked. Any green or odd-colored spots could indicate bacterial or fungal growth.

How to Freeze Corned Beef

If you want to keep your corned beef for more than five days, it’s essential to toss it in your freezer.

For Uncooked Whole Corned Beef

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Freeze uncooked whole corned beef.

Step 1: Draining Your Meat

You’ll need to start by taking out your raw meat from its store packaging, such as tin.

After that, you will need to drain the excess brine from your meat. You can pat your meat lightly using one paper towel to remove excessive moisture.

If your meat is frozen in excess brine, your corned meat’s texture will change during the freezing process because of the moisture content. Also, salt will encourage rancidity that would yield a poor defrosted product.

Step 2: Wrapping It

You should wrap your meat using foil or cling film. You will need to wrap it carefully so that no areas are left exposed.

So ensure that all corners are well packed to prevent your meat from contacting moisture and air.

After that, put your wrapped meat into one of the resealable freezer bags. Remember to remove any air before sealing your bag.

Step 3: Labeling Your Freezer Bag and Freeze It

It is essential to label your bag with a date, which will allow you to keep track of how long the meat has been in your freezer.

For Uncooked Slices of Corned Beef

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Freeze uncooked sliced corned beef.

Step 1: Slice Your Meat And Drain

It is wise to slice your meat into a few portions. That way, defrosting your meat will become easier. Once you have drained all of the liquids, it is time to slice beef into desired sizes.

Step 2: Wrapping It

After cutting your beef into smaller portions, it is time to put these portions carefully in a tin or plastic wrap. Don’t forget to ensure that no parts are exposed to prevent your meat from freezer burns.

Step 3: Put Your Meat in a Freezer Bag and Freeze It

Put your wrapped slices in your freezer bag. You will need to squeeze out all of the air before closing it. After that, write a label before sealing it. Finally, stick it flat in your freezer.

For Cooked Corned Beef

can you freeze corned beef

Freeze cooked corned beef.

Step 1: Let It Cool Down

After preparing your corned beef, it is essential to allow it to cool down to room temperature. 

If you wrap and freeze your meat when it is still warm, it will lead to freezer burn, which destroys its flavor and texture.

Step 2: Slice Your Meat 

Once your corned beef has cooled to room temperature, you need to cut or slice it into smaller portions. As a result, defrosting later will be a lot easier.

Step 3: Wrapping It

Put these portions in aluminum foil and plastic wrap and wrap them. After that, put your wrapped beef into an airtight freezer bag. 

Remember to get rid of excess air before sealing this bag to protect your meat from exposure to moisture or air.

Step 4: Labeling And Freezing Your Bag

Label your bag with a date, allowing you to track how long your meat has been in your freezer.

Freeze Corned Beef Hash

Step 1: Let It Cool

Before you do anything, you need to ensure your meal is completely cooled.

Step 2: Bag Up

Place portions of hash into resealable freezer bags. Label the freezer bags with the date. Don’t forget to squeeze out any excess air when you seal your bags.

Step 3: Freeze

Pop your bags into the freezer; your meat can stay up to three months.

How to Thaw Your Corned Beef?

You should defrost your frozen beef in a refrigerator first (not your countertop). Keep your meat in the bag and transfer it from your freezer to your fridge to defrost it overnight.

If you have cooked corned beef, it is okay to handle it from frozen, and to thaw it is unnecessary. But of course, you will have to cook longer.


Can You Freeze Corned Beef in the Brine?

If you let your corned beef in brine, it can only be soaked in brine for a maximum of ten days. This period can be reduced by one day or two for minor cuts of the meat. You must rinse your brined beef well before starting the cooking process.

Corned Beef in Freezer for a Year?

The answer is No. Uncooked beef will stay in your freezer for six to eight months. Meanwhile, cooked and canned meat will last for at least half a year.

Can You Freeze Cooked Corned Beef?

Yes. You can freeze your cooked beef for 2 to 3 months.


Hopefully, our article has helped you answer questions like “Can corned beef be frozen?” or “How long can you freeze corned beef?”

With much effort to prepare corned beef, you’ll not want to waste it. Fortunately, you do not have to use your entire beef in three days, as it is okay to freeze the leftovers safely.

When freezing your corned beef, it is essential to drain your meat and ensure your meat is well sealed to avoid exposure to moisture and air. 

Thank you for reading!

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