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Milk is one of the ingredients that play an essential role in most meatloaf recipes. For example, it can keep your meatloaf moist. Yet, what if you cannot use milk because of its unavailability? 

You have many perfect alternatives to milk when it comes to making meatloaf. They will also be useful for those who are under dietary restrictions.

Let’s  read to the end of this article to get the answer to “How to make meatloaf without milk?” or “Can I make meatloaf without milk?”

Can You Make Meatloaf Without Milk?

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Meatloaf without milk?

If you want to make meatloaf properly, you will need to prepare ground meat, diced onions, eggs, diced bell peppers, ketchup, breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, milk, and a few seasonings.

In most cases, the recipe will call milk a must-have. You can expect it to add moisture to your dish and let flavors distribute evenly throughout your meatloaf.

Milk will soak up your breadcrumbs, making mixing your ingredients quicker and easier. So you can expect to get the right combined meatloaf. Also, you can form it into your desired shape quickly.

Generally, Milk plays a vital role in baking your meatloaf. Without it, your meatloaf will most likely become unappetizing and dry.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t remove milk from your recipes. 

It is possible to skip adding milk to your meatloaf. But you’ll have to replace it with something similar.

The next section will mention the good candidates for the easy meatloaf recipe without milk.

Best Substitutes For Easy Meatloaf Recipe No Milk

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Best substitutes for milk in your meatloaf

Here are several excellent ingredients that are perfect milk substitutes in your meatloaf recipes without milk. Whichever option you choose from this list, you can expect it to provide the needed moisture to your meatloaf.

So whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, do not like regular milk or do not have milk in the pantry, you can still get the job done with one of these options:


Water will work great for the meatloaf recipe without milk. It is undeniable that water can effectively add moisture to your food. 

It is the most readily and accessible available option that can replace milk in your meatloaf.

While water can replace milk in providing moisture to your meatloaf, bland water might make your food lack richness while its texture will not smooth.

Do not worry! You can solve this issue by adding butter (one tbsp to each cup of water) to your no milk meatloaf recipe to maintain the fat content. Also, making a garlic and onion broth with water is okay to make your dish more flavorful.

Vegetable, Beef, Or Chicken Stock

You can use different ingredients to make stock which is another great option to substitute milk for your meatloaf. If you want to make beef or chicken stock, it is necessary to cook the bones in hot water for quite a while.

As for the vegetable stock, you can choose something that is not only a flavorful alternative but also a healthy one. The longer your vegetables, beef, and chicken cook, the more nutritious your stock would be.

Although the stock is a more recommended option than plain water, it may alter your dish’s final taste. After all, it’s still ideal for the meatloaf recipe no milk.

Half-And-Half Or Heavy Cream

When it comes to making meatloaf no milk, you’ll want to consider heavy cream.

If you want the best results, we recommend mixing some half-and-half or heavy cream in water before adding it to your breadcrumbs. That way, they will be soggy.

You can mix your soaked breadcrumbs with other ingredients. Thanks to that, you can expect to get a super moist meatloaf that is denser and thicker.

Sour Cream

You can make sour cream via fermenting regular cream with the help of some types of lactic-acid-producing bacteria. Sour cream is rich, tangy, and thick, and you can use it as a reasonable alternative to milk in your meatloaf recipes.

We recommend thinning this component down a bit (if necessary) by adding a bit of water.  

You should also know that sour cream may change your meatloaf flavor by adding a slight tang. In addition, it can also make your meatloaf denser and thicker than one made with milk.


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Yogurt, including Greek and plain, could be an excellent candidate to replace milk in your meatloaf recipe. The best thing about this option is it can retain moisture in your dish.

But, like your sour cream, it’s wise to thin yogurt down. Thanks to that, you can prevent your dish from getting a thick texture. All you need to do is add a little water to your yogurt to reduce its thickness.

The good news is that yogurt will not affect your meatloaf’s flavor. Yet, it will add a little tartness to your dish.

Evaporated Milk

You can make evaporated milk by reducing whole milk to around 50%. 

You can also use it as a milk substitute for your meatloaf. All you need to do is add evaporated milk and water in equal amounts to the meatloaf. Then the results you get will be similar to what you gain with regular milk.

Almond Milk

It is possible to use almond milk instead of milk in the no milk meatloaf recipe.

Since almond milk is slightly thinner than milk, it will be slightly different in the final result, maybe a little less moist. 

The fact is that almond milk works wonders on meatloaf because it can add moisture to it. It can be less creamy and thinner than milk, but it would be little to no difference in your result.

In addition, one of the main advantages of almond milk is that it is much easier on your stomach. It is also ideal for lactose-intolerant individuals.

Soy Milk

This option is a by-product of soybean processing that is the perfect non-dairy alternative for your meatloaf.

Unsweetened milk is mild, creamy, and features a slightly nutty flavor. So you can expect it not to overpower the other ingredients’ flavor.

Use soy milk to make meatloaf; your result will be the same moisture without significant changes in the texture and taste.

Powdered Milk

Many people do not like to drink powdered milk, but it will be a beneficial ingredient in cooking. For example, you can use it in your meatloaf recipe.

Powdered milk comes in many types that can be made from skimmed milk, dairy-free milk, and whole milk.

You can expect it works well in replacing milk in your meatloaf. It will add the needed moisture but not alter the final dish’s flavor.


Like yogurt and sour cream, it is okay to use mayonnaise to replace milk in your meatloaf without milk recipe since it adds moisture and richness to your dish.

Compared to regular milk, meatloaf based on mayonnaise could be sour-tasting and too thick. So, we recommend adjusting the used mayonnaise’s quantity.

Coconut Milk

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Coconut Milk

Coconut milk will add moisture and creaminess to your easy meatloaf without milk, helping it bind together.

As coconut flavor can overpower the taste of other ingredients, coconut milk is not the best choice. But it’s still ideal for vegans or people with lactose intolerance.


What Is the Best Substitute for Easy Meatloaf No Milk Recipe?

Among dairy-free options to replace milk in your meatloaf with no milk recipe, we believe that vegetable or beef broth would be more flavorful than the rest of the dairy-free options.

You can expect vegetable or beef broth to give your meatloaf a more savory taste.

Is It Possible to Make Meatloaf Without Ground Beef?

The short answer is Yes! It is possible to make your own meatloaf without using ground beef.

By replacing ground beef with ground turkey in your recipe, you can get a delicious low-calorie and low-fat meatloaf.

You will need to use the same amount of ground turkey for the amount of ground beef your favorite recipe requires. Thanks to that, you will get a much healthier yet delicious meal.

What Is the Key to Gaining Moist Meatloaf?

It is true to say that stale bread is an essential ingredient in meatloaf as it will help hold the meat together. 

It is alright to soak your bread in milk until it becomes thick and mushy before combining it with a more moist meatloaf.

Why Should I Use Milk in My Meatloaf?

You should use the milk for your meatloaf for a good reason. For example, it will soak your bread crumbs, giving your meatloaf the needed moisture.

But if you don’t want to utilize milk, you can use chicken stock, beef water, and non-dairy milk for your best meatloaf recipe without milk.

What Happens if I Create Meatloaf With Too Much Milk?

The meat should firm up while cooking, while a watery, sloppy, loose mixture would result in a loose, soggy meatloaf.

That Is what your meatloaf would be if it is incredibly tight and dense. Hence, if you utilize too much milk and the meat combination is very loose, bạn nên rip up some more bread and put it in.

Can I Make a Meatloaf Recipe Without Milk or Bread?

While bread is a must-have, you can substitute milk. For example, you can quickly find a meatloaf recipe with no milk.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you already know how to make meatloaf without milk.

Meatloaf is so good and tasty since it serves as an entrée on various restaurant menus, and milk is its fundamental ingredient.

But if you plan to prepare your quick meatloaf dish and do not have any milk on hand, using any of the suggested substitutions is okay. 

Don’t worry! While some options can affect the flavor and texture of your tasty meatloaf, it is negligible. You can use one of the above options for your simple meatloaf recipe without milk.

The meatloaf benefits are undeniable, and you can make it more suitable by substituting milk with one of the suggestions above.

Thank you for reading!

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