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Sweet potatoes may be the most commonly used vegetable in cooking. We are all familiar with those that have a gorgeous orange color.

However, when you cut a sweet potato in half, you may notice white flesh or dripping out. This scenario will leave you perplexed, and you won’t know whether or not you can consume this sweet potato white inside.

Fortunately, these residues are milky starch and sugar. It is entirely safe for human health. Let’s read this article to learn more about this!

Is Sweet Potato White Inside Bad? 

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Inside a potato 

The white spot that occasionally leaks from sliced potatoes is a perfectly typical blend of carbohydrates and sugar. 

It is safe for human consumption and is not hazardous in any manner. Continue reading to discover more about the white oozing found in these potatoes.

What Is The White Inside A Sweet Potato? 

Everything you are seeing is natural, even the white goo. Experts agree that this layer indicates that these potatoes are sweet!

It is something we have all seen: The appearance of leaking white gunk is a sight to see. Are they, however, are they cause for concern?

Is it necessary for you to replace or return them to the store? It is not the worst thing in the world, we assure you. 

A typical sap, a combination of starch and sugar, is the same thing. It is also non-toxic and entirely safe to consume.

This latex-like residue may also be seen in other vegetables after they are chopped, in addition to sweet potatoes.

Chayote and squash are the most frequent of these vegetables. Therefore, why do several potatoes leak sap while others do not? 

According to individuals knowledgeable about these veggies, the sweeter it is, the more likely it’s to ooze forth this nectar. It can be due to the high sugar content.

This milky substance is also more likely to be seen on organic potatoes. It has something to do with the way they are cultivated, which is in large amounts, which reduces the creamy starch that comes with them.

Another thing to examine while figuring out why these veggies have this white inside them is the freshness.

The fresher these potatoes, the more they pour this substance. Believe again if you think these are the only white spots in sweet potato.

When you cut these veggies in two, you may detect small spots and slight discoloration across the interior.

Like the flowing white sap before, these specks are sugar and starch seeking their way within through any holes they can discover.

These are milk-like materials that are safe to ingest. They can also be readily washed off, albeit the one drawback is that they can be highly sticky until being cooked.

Why Is My Sweet Potato White Inside?

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A regular sweet potato 

These veggies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have the brilliant orange flesh we are familiar with, while others are light yellow with white inside.

When you cut these veggies in half, you may detect small white spots speckling across the interior. 

Like the flowing white sap before, these specks are sugar and starch seeking their way within through any holes they can discover.

According to popular belief, sweet potatoes white inside are not as starchy as their orange counterparts. Some believe that they’re an alternative to ordinary potatoes.

A roasted white sweet potato may be drier than an orange one, but it may still be creamy with a bit of butter. We recommend these veggies instead of orange ones if you prefer a milder flavor.

Does It Taste Different From The Orange One?

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Although they have a similar texture, the flavor is a bit distinct 

They have a similar texture. When cooking, you may entirely swap them back and forth. Even yet, they have distinct tastes.

The sweetness is the first distinction. White potatoes are often less sweet than orange ones. 

For nutritional value, the well-known orange potato is rich in beta carotene and hence beneficial to one’s health.

Sweet potatoes with white inside have fewer nutrients than orange ones. It also more rapidly loses its hardness and is less fresh.

How To Store?

You should store an uncooked potato in the same manner as a Yukon or Idaho one: cold, well-ventilated, and dry. These veggies may survive up to 2 weeks if kept correctly.

They should not, however, be kept uncooked in the fridge. They can have a hard center if kept in the refrigerator or other cold environment, which will make them taste “odd” or unpleasant when consumed.

Cook them first if you need to store them in the fridge or freeze them. Wash and slice the potatoes before boiling them until they are soft.

Depending on your desire, mash or slice the potato and sprinkle it with lemon juice. This step will aid in the preservation of the color.

Before freezing, allow them to cool fully before putting them in a freezer bag. In this way, you can freeze them for up to one year.

How To Tell When This Root Vegetable Goes Bad?

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Orange potatoes 

After reading thus far, you’ve realized that white inside the potato, often known as white sweet potatoes, is both safe and delicious.

Now you’re probably wondering when they go rotten. Root veggies have a lengthy shelf life, but not indefinitely.

Over the period, they will decay and degrade. There’re a few indicators that can assist you in determining the situation.


Porosity is a property of the pithy potato. If you see the holes inside their surface, you can be more specific.

The emergence of them is primarily due to the hot temperature. This one is still fine to consume, but it will not taste as nice as it once did.

Root Growing

A sweet potato left for an extended period will begin to root. Simply glancing at its eyes or skin is enough to identify them.

It’s still possible to eat these veggies. You may eat the rest after you’ve removed the root portion. 

They’re still tasty and healthy to eat. Fortunately, you can buy a sweet potato in bulk to avoid this.


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Many recipes that are from this root vegetable

The first clue that the sweet potatoes have gone wrong is the presence of mold. Around cuts or holes, it is green.

Moreover, they smell awful. Dark patches on the golden peel, on the other hand, aren’t always a symptom of mold.

If you eat mold, it can make you sick and potentially induce food poisoning. So, remember to check thoroughly before preparing these veggies, especially mashed or cooked potatoes.

Dry Texture

You should discard those with many dry holes inside that are past their prime since the flavor may change and may be less sweet than previously.

You can eat this sweet potato if you prepare it properly, like mashing it or pureeing it for cakes. It’s better to throw away those that have too much dry area.


While researching this topic, we compiled a list of commonly asked questions. We hope these may aid in your understanding of the sweet potato white inside.

What Color Inside This Vegetable?

The skin might be red, purple, brown, or yellow in hue. The flesh can also be yellow or orange-red in the shade. There are two types of sweet potatoes: ‘hard’ and ‘soft.’ 

Why Are My Sweet Potatoes White And Orange?

You may detect small white spots on sweet potato when you cut it. Like the flowing white sap before, these specks are sugar and starch seeking their way through any holes they can discover.

What Does Mold Look Like On A Potato?

sweet potato white inside

Rotting potatoes 

Mold might look brown, red, black, blue-gray fluff, or several dark spots. Unfortunately, potatoes can cause food illness in certain people. 

To avoid becoming ill, you should only eat cooked potatoes four days after purchase and discard any potatoes that reveal indications of mold.

Can You Get Sick From Old Potatoes?

No. Nothing is worse than uncooked potatoes. 

Well, this could cause you to feel ill or perhaps give you minor food poisoning if you are sensitive to poor food, but no serious consequences are likely unless you eat a whole dish of rotting vegetables, which is unlikely!


Nature is fantastic, and you may sometimes recognize it just by looking at the ordinary potato you eat daily.

A sweet potato white inside indicates that it is starchy and sweet. You can consume and prepare to make a variety of delectable recipes.

Keep an eye out for several symptoms that indicate rotting potatoes should be ignored or discarded. We hope our article has provided you with further information on this vegetable.

Thank you for being so interested in the article!

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