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Oat milk is known as one of the most popular beverage options for all ages. It’s usually kept in a freezer to keep the best taste. 

You might be wondering if “Does oat milk go bad?” or “Does oat milk expire?” If you’re new to oat milk and need a complete guide, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll help you answer these and other related questions.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get into the details!

Does Oat Milk Go Bad?


This milk can go bad

The short answer is yes. So if you want to experience the best quality, you should follow the recommendation on the label.

The quality of your oat milk diminishes after you first open the can.

As a result, you may find that the oat milk you opened four days ago doesn’t taste as good as it did when you first opened it. If the difference in taste is too significant, you should discard the drink.

Shelf-stable oat milk typically lasts one to three months past its best-by date. Once you open the carton, it can last from four to seven days in your fridge.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

You may be wondering, “How long can oat milk sit out?” “Use by,” “best before,” “best buy,” or “sell by” are commonly used terms for expiration date labels, which can confuse users with confusing information. 

Hence, how to determine if the “date label” on your oat milk is correct? There is no denying that the manufacture date labels are not based on exact science in most cases.

Date labeling can tell retailers and consumers when this food is of the best quality. Yet, label dating does not accurately define food safety as it is not based on exact science.

Once you’ve opened the packaging of your oat milk, its freshness will be diminished due to exposure to air. So, you must consume it as soon as possible.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last After Opening?

Packaged products have a stable shelf life. Therefore, you will not need to store it in the refrigerator until you open the packaging. 

The shelf life of the packaged product is approximately nine months, according to the recommended date label.

If you store unopened oat milk in a dark, cool, and dry place, you can expect it to last three to five years and still be safe to drink. Since it hasn’t been opened, it won’t be able to come into contact with airborne bacteria, which cause mold and spoilage.

The best by date is a recommendation from the manufacturer for the freshness and quality of a product, and it does not determine the exact expiration date.

You can use your sense of smell, taste, and sight to determine if oat milk is still good after the best date.

Open oat milk will spoil quickly at room temperature. So manufacturers always recommend that you store opened oat milk in refrigeration and use it 7 to 10 days after opening.

Shelf Life of Opened Oat Milk 

Oat milk, after opening, will be perishable and must be stored in the refrigerator. Once you’ve opened your oat milk, it’s best to drink it within four to seven days and sometimes up to ten days.

It is essential to refrigerate your oat milk as soon as you open it and seal it tightly. When determining how long your opened oat milk will last, you’ll need to consider some critical factors, such as temperature, time, and exposure to air.

  • Time

Suppose you’ve opened and left it at room temperature for a few hours. According to the USDA, perishable food items should be refrigerated or frozen within two hours of opening.

So after you use your oat milk, toss it back in the fridge to maintain its freshness.

  • Temperature

Ambient room temperature will significantly affect the shelf life of your oat milk. Hot temperatures will cause opened oat milk to spoil faster than on winter days.

  • Exposure to the Air

After you open your oat milk, limiting its exposure to air is essential. We recommend using an airtight container, even if you keep it in the fridge, to keep it for as long as possible.

Can You Drink Oat Milk Expiration? 


You can drink oat milk at expiration

If your product is the shelf-stable variety and you’ve opened it recently, chances are it’s still okay. Unless, of course, your oat milk “expired” a couple of years ago, you can still use it if you don’t notice a noticeable change in taste.

If you notice different colors, any kinds of molds, or off-putting smells, you shouldn’t continue using it.

What Happens if You Drink Spoiled Oat Milk? 

It is alright to drink the expired oat milk. But it is unsafe to consume spoiled oat milk as it can cause food poisoning, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, or enteritis.

Once opened, the oat milk is exposed to oxidation, leading to rancidity. The reason is that the liquid is exposed to the air, carrying spores, bacteria, and microorganisms that grow.

When your oat milk is no longer fresh, it becomes less nutritious over time as vitamins and minerals are degraded. Therefore, it is okay to use expired oat milk without worry. However, it is best to avoid consuming spoiled oat milk.

What Can You Do With Expired Oat Milk? 


Expired milk can help you in many ways

We’ve helped you answer the question, “How long is oat milk good for?” Even when it is no longer suitable for drinking, oat milk will help you in many ways. 

For example, old oat milk is very useful in body care because it adds vitamins and minerals to help your skin become more beautiful and smooth. It can help you exfoliate your whole body, which is great for making soap and bath bombs.

Oat milk also has a hydrating effect on the skin, which is very effective in treating acne and soothing dry and irritated skin.

You can heat your oat milk on the stove until a smooth paste is obtained. Wait until the mixture cools down before applying it to the affected area. It can also soothe and heal open pores or inflamed areas.

How To Store Oat Milk?

This milk comes in two varieties, including refrigerated and shelf-stable. 

You can leave your unopened oat milk on a countertop or in your pantry. After opening it, you will need to store it in your fridge. Refrigerated, as its name suggests, will require refrigeration at all times.

The simplest way to store your unopened oat milk mimics the way they store it in the grocery store or supermarket.

Always remember that before refrigerating, seal your oat milk. If its carton is not resealable, you should transfer your milk to a sealed container. If its carton is resealable, ensure you reseal it tightly after using.

Keeping your oat milk away from moisture and bacteria is key to keeping it fresh!

How to Tell if Oat Milk Is Bad?

does oat milk go bad

Several ways to tell if your milk has gone bad.

Here are some simple ways to check if your oat milk has gone bad.

Check the Expiration Date

You’ll need to start by checking the expiration dates of your oat milk. If the “Use By” or “Best By” date has not passed yet, you can rest assured that your oat milk is safe to consume.

If this date has passed, you will need to check other characteristics of your milk to ensure it is still good.

If your oat milk has been open for more than ten days but still has not expired, it is essential to check it for spoilage before using it.

Check the Consistency

If your oat milk has been spoiled, it will have a thicker texture.

To check this, you must pour some milk into a bowl. If you see that it is lumpy and features an uneven structure without smoothness, your milk is likely bad.

Look at the Color of the Milk

Spoiled oat milk will have a yellow color, slightly darker than its fresh, natural color. If you detect that your milk is not the same color as when you first opened it, it may have gone bad.

Smell Your Milk

Open your can of oat milk and smell it. If you find it smells a little sour or isn’t fresh, it’s probably spoiled. Once oat milk has passed its expiration date, it will likely have a strong sour smell, which is different from its typical smell.


You have reached the bottom of our article. Hopefully, we’ve helped you answer the question, “can oat milk go bad?” The answer is yes. 

This milk can go bad. So, you should store it as soon as you open it. Otherwise, it can quickly go bad at room temperature.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, the information above is helpful to you.

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