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Steak is probably no longer a strange dish for many people today. Moreover, you can ultimately create it into a new word by adding a few other ingredients, such as a loaf of bread, salad, and tomatoes, to serve for your breakfast or dinner.

However, no matter how you invest it into a new dish, the time and manner you cook the steak is the key. So, how long to bake steak at 350?

At this temperature, you will need about 2.5 minutes to bake on one side with about 10% done. For more exciting information, read and find out now!

What Is the Ideal Grill Temperature?

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 Ideal Grill Temperature 

Even for first-time or experienced grillers, one of the most frequently asked questions is how long to cook steak in oven? However, the time to cook steak depends mainly on the temperature factor.

So what temperature would be ideal for you to grill yours? Maybe you are waiting for an exact and specific answer, but basically, we cannot give a definite answer because it depends on the type and its thickness.

The difference between the type of steak and the thickness you can quickly see by how you can grill the thicker part at a lower temperature or a higher temperature with the thinner piece. 

In addition, in some different meats, the temperature adjustment also makes a difference even when they have the same thickness.

To get the most accurate understanding of the ideal steak in the oven temperature, continue reading the article for more information:

Based On Type Of Steak

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Based On Type 

First of all, we will cover a few types of steaks that you will likely come across frequently in the market.

  • Ribeye: This flesh is usually 1 inch thick. So you need to make sure to bake it for a minimum of 4 minutes on each side. As such, you need to adjust the oven temperature between 140 and 155 degrees F to ensure your baked goods will be cooked enough and still retain the sweetness.
  • Sirloin: Similar to Riyebe, you also need to cook the tenderloin over low heat and for a long time, even in thin slices. With a 1-inch tenderloin, it will cook on both sides for about 10 minutes and have the same grilling temperature as the Ribeye, ranging from 140 to 155 degrees F. You can completely adjust the temperature depending on the level. meat maturity.
  • Filet Mignon: For this one, make sure to cook the flesh in the oven for about 15 minutes on both sides on medium pieces. You also need to set the temperature between 150 and 155 degrees F.

Based On Thickness

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Based On Thickness 

Along with meat classification, the thickness of the flesh is also a factor that you need to consider to choose the ideal temperature during the grilling process.

  • 2-inch thickness: With this thickness, you need to bake for about 4 minutes on each side at 110 – 120 degrees F, 4 and a half minutes at 120-130 degrees F, and 5 minutes for about 130 – 140 degrees F
  • 1.75 inches thick: For the best steak, you need to grill for about 3 and a half minutes on each side at 110 – 120 degrees F, 4 minutes at 120-130 degrees F, and 4 and a half minutes for 130 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1.5-inch thickness: A little thinner; make sure to bake it for 3 minutes on each side for 110 – 120 degrees F, 3 and a half minutes for 120 – 130 degrees F, and 4 minutes for 130 – 140 degrees F.

How Long To Bake Steak At 350?

With a temperature of 350°F, the suitable and perfect baking time for each side is 2.5 minutes.

However, it can be that 2.5 minutes is relatively short, and you will wonder if your flesh can be cooked or not? Don’t worry because soon we will briefly mention how to cook steak in oven at 350:

  • First, to start baking, make sure you preheat your oven and keep it at 300 to 350 degrees F. If you’re not quite sure about the temperature, a thermometer will be the tool you need. Now, you can know the exact desired temperature.
  • After, place your flesh on the grill and set it for 2.5 minutes on the first side. Use the dedicated tongs after the set time and turn the flesh over gently. In this step, you can “peek” from professional chefs by turning the flesh at a 60-degree angle to minimize breakage or damage to the texture.
  • Then, once the flesh has been over, set the time for an additional 2 minutes to ensure both sides are cooked through and are delicious. In fact, at this step, you can cook it for a longer time, but don’t set it too long if you want your flesh to dry out and lose its sweetness.

In addition to making it easier for you to set the time, we want to mention the 4 normal cooking levels of a flesh and the equivalent time to cook each side:

  • Rare (25% Cooked Meat): 2.5 minutes
  • Medium rare (Meat cooked 50%): 3-4 minutes
  • Medium (Meat cooked 75%): 4-5 minutes
  • Welldone (100% cooked meat): 4-6 minutes

Steps To Make A Perfect One

how long to bake steak at 350

Steps by Steps To make a perfect one 

Here’s how to get the perfect steak in no time:

Choose a delicious meat

Of course, you need to choose soft and sweet meat for delicious processing. One of the types of meat that you should select:

  • Ribeye: Beef cut along the ribs and with a little bit of fat to increase the tenderness of the essence. Ribeyes are best suited for you to prepare and cook steaks. You will feel the aroma and richness of this meat.
  • Filet Mignon: Tenderloin with a shallow texture and high protein content that will give you a buttery-soft feel.
  • Striploin: The lean-back part of beef. This meat is super tender and has a strong flavor due to the rich fat that coats the meat. This meat will be suitable for those who like to eat fat. The feature of this meat lies in the fact that no matter how long you bake it, the meat is not too dry.

Place steak at room temperature

After choosing your favorite meat, it’s up to you to place it at room temperature for about half an hour or so if you’ve brought it from the freezer less than when you’ve made sure your grill is at a high temperature.

Coat with olive oil and marinate evenly

Make sure you rub and marinate the seasoning all over the meat. Immediately after that, coat with olive oil to make the flesh more tender. 

Then, once you’re sure your flesh is well seasoned, you can place it on the grill and let it cook over high heat for about 3-5 minutes.

Also, use tongs to flip the steak when it’s just golden brown.

Now, watch this video for more details:


When it comes to cooking steak in oven, here are a few questions we get frequently:

How long does it take to cook 1 inch steak?

If grilling steaks on the grill, you’ll need about 4-5 minutes per side. To bake on both sides, you will need a minimum of 8 minutes with an internal temperature of 135 degrees F.

Is it better to broil or bake steak?

Stew and grill are two of the many ways to prepare steak. Each approach contains advantages and limitations. The choice of method depends on your health condition and personal preferences. 

How do I know when my steak is done?

The simplest way is to cut and taste it. You can also use your fingers to press on the meat gently. If these steaks are at 75%, they appear dry and less tender.


There was the complete information around the topic “how long to bake a steak at 350” that we mentioned to you. I hope you will succeed in the process of making this unique dish.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns that need to be answered, do not hesitate and leave a comment below this article.

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